Credit Union Fees

Current Credit Union Fees

Savings (Shares) Fee
Dormant Account Fee (Dormant fees take effect after 1 year of inactivity) $5.00 per month
Early Holiday or Vacation Club Withdrawal $10.00 per withdrawal
Deposited Item Returned $30.00 per item
Negitive Balance Fee $5.00
Early Closure (within 6 months) $25.00
Tax Levy/Garnishment/Restraining Notice $20.00
Term Share Certificate Early Withdrawal 3 months dividend 1 year or less - 6 months dividend 1 year or less
One-time Membership (at account opening) $1.00
Account Opening - Par Value of 1 Share $5.00
Checking (Share Draft) Fee
Copy of Check or Draft $2.00 each - Free for online banking members
Notification of Charge Fee $5.00
Insufficient Funds (check, ACH, or returned item) $30.00 per item
Early Closure (within 6 months) $25.00
Negitive Balance Draft $5.00 per month
Check Protest $15.00
Stop Payment/Share Draft & Electronic ACH $20.00
Corporate Check Stop Payment $25.00
Bill Pay Fee (after 3 month's inactivity) $4.50 for each month of inactivity
Debit & Credit Cards Fee
New Debit Card at Account Opening $1.00
Replacement Card $10.00
Rush Card Varies according to type of service
Teller Fees Fee
Teller Check (under $10,000) $5.00
Certified Check $10.00 per check
Money Order $5.00 per item
Second Lien Release $10.00
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $5.00
Master Card Gift Card $3.00 per card
Travel Cards $5.00 - Plus Chip $7.50
Wire Transfer $25.00 per transfer (domestic) - $50.00 per transfer (international)
Western Union $20.00 per transfer (domestic) - $50.00 per transfer (international)
General Fees Fee
Account Reconciliation $20.00/hour
Account Research $25.00
Change of Address via PO Notification $2.00
Address Unavailable/No Forwarding $5.00 one time
Address Search $5.00 one time
Duplicate Statement $5.00 per month
Account Activity Printout $1.00
Returned Statement due to Non-Notification of Address Change $2.00 per statement
Foreign Check Processing $25.00 per item
Notary for Non-Member $2.00
Abandoned Property Fee $25.00 per account after 3 years no activity
Mortgage Modification Fee $250 + Attorney Costs
Fee for Loan Collectors $150.00

The credit union may offer other rates and terms or amend the rates and terms contained in this schedule at any time. Creditworthiness factors, and other loan terms may affect the actual rate offered. Other conditions may apply. Contact the Credit Union for complete details.

All rates listed are APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

*Rate includes direct deposit discount of .25%

**Introductory APR is for a period of six (6) billing cycles. When the discounted period expires, the APR on existing balances will stay at the discounted rate until it is paid off.

***For a complete list of our disclosure and fees Click Here.