Who Is Niagara Regional FCU?

The Niagara Regional Federal Credit Union was chartered in May 1939 by a small group of teachers who had the need and foresight to establish a not-for-profit financial institution owned by its members. From these humble beginnings the founders probably could not conceive that their seedling, restricted to just savings and loans, would blossom into a 25 million-dollar institution, offering a wide array of financial services to its members.

This did not happen by accident. Many dedicated volunteers and leaders with vision moved the Credit Union from a paper and pencil enterprise located in a variety of rented locations, to a fully computerized business operating out of its own building. While expanding, our Credit Union has maintained its focus to service our members in the most efficient manner while retaining the personable service you will find at our office.

At present, our Credit Union employs ten people. We benefit more than twenty-three hundred members and have assets exceeding $29,000,000. We are always looking for new and innovative ways of serving our members and helping them to achieve their financial goals.

Our Mission

With over 75 years of outstanding service, Niagara Regional FCU’s mission remains the same: Providing the complete banking experience by adapting our products to meet the needs of our growing membership, staying current with the latest technology, retaining staff and volunteers who educate every member on a personal level to meet individual needs, promoting financial literacy, and offering no or low fees. Not for profit, but for our members.

What Makes Credit Unions So Unique?

Credit Unions are unique because we are not-for-profit institutions who are owned by our members. Unlike a bank, who is strictly profit-driven, the Niagara Regional FCU returns earnings to our members in the form of low interest loans, higher yields on savings, and more personable service.

Is the Credit Union Safe?

Your funds are insured up to $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.  

Board of Directors

The board of directors at Niagara Regional FCU is made up of qualified, volunteer credit union members. As a member of our board, you can help shape the future of your credit union while using your skills to contribute to our mission. Call (716) 694-7344 today for more information and to learn what qualifications are necessary to volunteer.



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