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Teller II


Perform a wide range of transactional duties to serve members by receiving or paying out funds with high accuracy. Maintain accurate transactional records. Provide a variety of member savings, share draft/checking, and credit account transactions, as well as member services such as sales of money orders and traveler’s checks.

Essential Functions Include:

  • Greet and welcome members to the credit union in a courteous, professional, and timely manner.

  • Provide comprehensive, prompt, accurate, and efficient member transactions.

  • Receive share draft/checks and cash for deposit to accounts, verify accounts, examine share draft/checks for proper endorsement, and accurately enter deposits into computer records.

  • Process daily scans of member checks received to Alloya.

  • Process withdrawals from accounts and/or share draft/check cashing, verify amounts, and enter withdrawals into the system accurately.

  • Cash share drafts/checks from a variety of accounts upon proper verification according to credit union policies and procedures.

  • Assist with mail or e-mail transactions, when available.

  • Place holds on accounts for uncollected funds, following credit union practices.

  • Issue money orders.

  • Redeem Savings Bonds.

  • Ensure that the teller station is properly stocked with forms, supplies, brochures, etc.

  • Maintain up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge on all credit union products and services that are handled or promoted by tellers.

  • Maintain up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge on all related policies and procedures, rules and regulations for the teller area, including robbery procedures.

  • Cross-sell credit union services such as gift cards, travel cards, discount tickets, e-statements, online banking, checking accounts, or other promotional products where available.

  • Receive loan payments and ensure the payments match balances due. Enter payments into the computer.

  • Report malfunction of teller terminals and other equipment used at the teller station to the supervisor.

  • Balance cash drawer at end of shift and compare totaled amounts to the computer-generated proof sheet. Research and resolve any discrepancies. Report any discrepancies to Head Teller as necessary.

  • Check night deposit and record checks received in log book using credit union dual control procedures.

  • Process coin redemption for members when necessary.

  • Perform Teller I duties when necessary.


  • Complete special project work as assigned.

  • Provide a positive example to all areas in the credit union through his/her interactions with others.

  • Perform other related duties as assigned.



Responsible for the control of late and/or delinquent loan accounts and pending late payment reminders. Make follow-up calls on delinquent loan accounts and maintain accurate records on delinquent loan files. Optimize collections on accounts while balancing the goodwill of members with the overall business interest of the Credit Union.

Essential Functions Include: 

  • Monitor payments for late and/or delinquency status, Follow up on delinquent, high-balance and overdue credit balance accounts by phone and/or letter. Ensure a professional interface with members.

  • Contact high balance and/or delinquent members by phone and mail to determine the reasons for balance or delinquency, and assist them in developing plans to bring accounts to a current status. Develop workout plans and collect on overdue accounts wherever possible.

  • Notify co-signers regarding the status of delinquent accounts.

  • Update files and system accounts via the Credit Union’s delinquent loan recovery system.

  • Secure credit bureau reports. Skip trace on loan accounts. Maintain accurate data for repossession log, bankruptcy files, charge-off list, etc.

  • Research payroll deductions, stops, starts, and changes as they may affect the status of loan repayment.

  • Assist members with delinquent real-estate loans to resolve the delinquency.

  • Determine when to compromise and settle balances and when to initiate foreclosure or repossession proceedings.

  • Determine when loan collateral should be repossessed, and serve as the liaison with attorneys or agencies in handling repossession of collateral.

  • File all claims, attend hearings, and coordinate with trustees for all bankruptcy filings.

  • Investigate and correct discrepancies in loan applications and credit bureau reports.


  • Complete special project work as assigned.

  • Provide a positive example to all areas in the credit union through his/her interactions with others.

  • Perform other related duties as assigned.